Wild Universities

A program where we seek to decrease the social and economic marginalization of artisans by a collaborative interaction with design students from several universities. This collaboration happens through these paths:


The first is where the students travel to the villages where the artisans live (usually between 1 or 2 hours away from the city), this to comprehend the realities and empathize with their situation as well as to learn from the artisanal techniques that have been passed down from generations and the processes they involve for the making. This creates more opportunities for the development of fair-trade products that include artisanal characteristics and processes and an inclusive working collaboration where both the designers and artisans are involved.


The second part of the program consists on the artisans traveling to the universities to offer workshops and talks about artisan techniques in an effort to decrease the cultural gap between artisans and society.


In addition, we strive to include Change is Wild in specific mandatory courses taught at universities, so the new generations understand the importance of fair trade and sustainable collaborations.


Change is Wild is present in the three biggest universities in southern Mexico: